AS Videos with English Subtitles

You asked for it and we listened.

Last year we started a series of videos called “El Secreto de Las Plants” (The secret of plants). The idea was to provide our customers with easy recipes that they could follow at home in order to detoxify themselves. After all, real beauty starts from the inside!

Given that Pilar’s native language is Spanish; we thought it was a good idea to create bilingual videos, where Pilar can speak in her mother tongue. We opted out from including subtitles in English when we released the series; instead we used text in English on the video to support some of the different actions that were taken place. Unfortunately, our English speaking customers felt that this format was still too hard to understand and they were missing out in all the goodies that our videos seemed to offer.

So, voila!

We have added english subtitles to all of our videos. They were done using the Youtube subtitle application, therefore make sure that you click the subtitle button on the video player so they appear.

Now you have zero excuse to make that wonderful Dandelion salad we did for our first episode, which is fantastic to detoxify your kidneys and liver. You will also be able to know everything you need to create the Aloe Vera cleanse shot; one of the secret recipes given to us by Pilar’s mentor Dr Keshava Bhat.

We are planning on creating the next communications in English. Thank you very much for your very valuable feedback.