Let's have an Aroma Secrets Social event!

The AS social are a great way to spend two amazing hours among friends enjoying the skincare benefits of organic herbs and essential oils. Participants also learn how about the power that these herbs have, when used wisely in cosmetic products.

To make the experience more personalized, we bring the Aroma Secrets social to your house; where you can host your friends and loved ones for this wonderful treat. We can also come to community spaces such as churches, hotel conference rooms and apartment party rooms.

Cost is $15 per person, including an interactive hands-on educational session as well as a special AS kit of creams and products for everyone to take home. Hosts receive the service at zero cost; though we do expect them to do a good job in treating everyone of their guests nicely with some good refreshments and beautiful vibe. We can always provide tasty aperitif and some good organic wine, prices would depend on the number of guests. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Let’s have a good time together doing an ancient human activity; taking good care of each other.

To make an appointment send an email to