Herbs that make a difference

Lately i have been re-reading the book “Medical Medium” by Anthony William which I find entirely fascinating. He does a great job in dissecting the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), one of those external agents that can cause a great deal of damage to our bodies and dwindle our quality of life. The book attributes EBV as one of the possible causes for a good number of common and mysterious illnesses that still lack proper medical diagnostic or cure.

Throughout the book William also mentions several of the herbs that we could use to combat EBV. I found it validating to find out that many of these herbs recommended by the author are already in the recipes of our Aroma Secrets products:

- Mullein, Red Clover Blossom, Coconut and lobelia are all part of our Easy Breathing Massage Cream.

- Our Clear Mind Relaxation rub is full of chamomile and California poppy.

- Calendula and Sage are key ingredients in our Bellissima Face Cream

- Lastly, Ginger, aloe vera, lemon, honey, garlic and dandelion, are part of the first two recipe videos of our Youtube series “El secreto de las plantas"

All of these wonderful herbs do much more than hydrating and replenishing our skin; according to William, they are also crucial in protecting and detoxifying our organs, helping us get rid of a very common over accumulation of heavy metals, fungi, herbicides and radiations we get from living in big urban spaces.

I recommend reading the book to get more information about EBV and its effects in our body; it will provide a fresh and interesting perspective to some of the health issues affecting our modern societies. Here’s the website

I also recommend to continue using our awesome natural products!!

Also take another look to our Youtube recipe videos, now with English subtitles, as they will give you some good ideas on how to implement powerful herbs in your daily diet.

It’s great to know that there are many ways we can neutralize the viruses and toxins that accumulate in the environment and subsequently into our bodies. It is important to watch out what we put inside our bodies, just as much as we should watch out for feelings of fear, anger or disappointment that also want to cling into our mind and soul.

Until next time.